Get Pregnant Naturally

Dramatically increase your chances of

becoming pregnant by 50%


All the information you need to get you

pregnancy ready or prepare you for IVF or IUI in just 3 months


Dramatically increases your odds of a
Healthy Pregnancy



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An 8 week Natural Fertility Boosting Programme

increase your chances by 50%

All the information you need to get you
pregnancy ready or prepare you for IVF or IUI in just 3 months

This unique course; takes into consideration every point of pain a couple can go through to conceive. We address all aspects of getting the body, mind, and spirit ready to conceive and carry a beautiful, healthy baby into this world.

Our 8 On-line Modules will help you both become more
fertile in just 3 months and dramatically Increasing Your Odds!

What you will learn with our 8 modules

Preparing for Success

Liver Health/Energy
Knowing Exactly when your Fertile Day is
90 Day Egg Support
Understanding your cycle

Reset and Balance your Fertility

Kidney Health/Energy
Foods to Eat
Reset your fertility

Stress Managment

Heart Health/Energy
Healing after a miscarriage
Grief recovery
Secondry Fertility

Diagnosis Yourself

Diganosis yourself according to the acient art of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Male Fertility
90 Day Sperm Plan

Fertility Mindfulness

Exercise for you Body
Making a Fertility Plan

Unhealthy Craving

Spleen Health/Energy
Dealing with Unhealthy Cravings
90 Day Egg Support

Fertility Flow

Lung Health/Energy
Methods to Improve Sleep
The importance of Mentrual Blood and flow

Preparing for IVF/IUI

Support Plan for IVF/IUI
Fertility Drugs information
Egg Donation information

About Lucy Townsley


A member of the Lic TCM - MTCMCI studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbs at the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Dublin. Lucy qualified in Tuina which is a form of Chinese manipulative therapy often used in conjunction with acupuncture. She travelled to Bejing continuing her post-graduate training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, with extra focus on the way traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine use a combined approach to fertility problems. While there she gained invaluable first-hand knowledge of  Chinese Medicine, diet, nutrition, exercise and relaxation techniques tailored at increasing fertile energy within the body.

Lucy joined the Zita West affiliated acupuncture network adopting a unique holistic approach to Natural Fertility and IVF treatment, Pregnancy and Post-natal support. Lucy follows a very strict code of practice and ethics and carries professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance.  She is also approved by VHI, Vivas, Layer Health Care and HSA for Out-Patients insurances purposes.

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doctorIt has been a pleasure to work with Lucy to refer couples with fertility problems.
Her service helps couples regain the belief that they can conceive without the need for assisted conception techniques. She is caring and genuine in her wish and effort to help couples. The positive results speak for themselves. I heard nothing but praise from her clients.

Mr R Sallam
Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
South Tipperary General Hospital


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