Why a Healthy Liver is so important if you want a Baby

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Jan 26

First of all, I am going to tell you about the function of a healthy Liver according to Chinese medicine

  • Responsible for smooth flow of your energy Qi on all levels, physically, emotionally and mentally.
  • Rules you physical power.
  • Stores the blood.
  • Liver Qi rules our planning ability – helps us see clearly ahead
  • Associated emotion is anger
  • The colour is green

The main function of the liver is to rid our body of toxins.  We in the western world really put our livers under so much pressure, with alcohol, fast foods, sugar and processed foods.  Not only does the liver have to deal with that, but also external factors; cleaning products, pollution, medication, skin creams, perfumes, just to name a few.
When you think about it you only have 12 chances in the year to get pregnant.  So if you or your partner's system is out of balance, you’re Yin and Yang is not in harmony. This can stop you getting pregnant and as each month slips by it put huge stress on both of you.  The arrival of a period can be like a death, it’s that upsetting.  This has a huge effect on your liver Qi energy.

5778719In Chinese medicine, the Liver is your Military General. A quote from Su Wen from ancient text: “Liver is like a General in the army from where all strategy derives

When you are trying for a baby and it’s not working the Liver/General can become disorganised.

A healthy Liver produces a healthy menstrual cycle – your period should arrive on time. Day 1 should be a full flow of red blood and last between 4 to 6 days.  Your period should be pain-free.  Giving you a great chance for pregnancy!
When your Liver Qi energy is not balanced, this can affect not only you period but your hormones, Egg production, a lining of the Uterus, and has an effect on sperm.
Ok, I’m going to go a little Chinese Medicine on you for a bit. The Liver is responsible for the smooth flow in the body. This means your body can move smoothly on all levels; physically, mentally and emotionally.  When the Liver Qi does not flow smoothly it causes stagnation. Things get stuck! So your period is not flowing and can cause pain before, during or after. The blood can be dark brown, another indication of stagnation.  Your period can stop and start. This is the Liver Qi energy being selfish and not allowing the blood to flow. These symptoms need to be fixed to increase your odds of having a baby.
Stress and anger, poor sleep, especially waking during the night - disrupts the flow of Liver blood which cause your periods to stop or become irregular. Stress can increase your cortisol level which affects your reproductive hormones and can stop ovulation.  It can affect your sex life because you are stressed out. It also has an effect on sperm health

Over-work, chronic tiredness, or the inability to recover from tiredness, are all signs of Liver energy deficiency. This has an effect on your reproductive system for you and your partner.

Symptoms to look out for -

  1. Anger and frustration.
  2. Crying a lot, or not able to cry.
  3. Holding in your emotions – never letting anything out, this can feel like a huge pressure in the centre of your chest.
  4. Tiredness/Fatigue.
  5. Poor digestion – constipation – nausea.
  6. Not able to make a decision.
  7. Infertility.
  8. Headaches.
  9. Dry hair and nails.
  10. Insomnia, especially waking in the middle of the night.

The good news is you can do so much to improve your liver health and help ‘Increase your odds of a pregnancy’;

  • Healthy food/Diet – Fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, clean water, fish, organic meats, fibre, eggs.
  • Exercise – Walk, swim, jog, yoga and cycle. The hardest thing to do is to start exercising but you feel great when you do. If you don’t know where to start get advice from a professional.
  • Distress – Have a distress plan
  • Sleep - Improve your sleeping habits. Go to bed earlier. Don’t take any electronic devices into your bedroom. Make your bedroom a peaceful safe place you feel comfortable to sleep in.
  • Meditation and Visualisation – Really important is to set out your goals for your future. Not only a family future but also other things you want.
  • Breathe Clean Air – Get some plants in your home. They are great at purifying the air. Aloe Vera and peace lily are both cheap and easy to keep.

By improving you liver Qi energy you can improve your AMH and FSH.  Regulate your hormones and balance your Oestrogen and Progesterone levels.
To get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy.

Thank you for reading this blog please leave any comments.


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