Congratulations you are ready to start preparing yourself for pregnancy

Week 1

Preparing for Success

 Liver Health/Energy
Knowing Exactly when your Fertile Day is
90 Day Egg Support
Understanding your cycle
Destress Plan

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Week 2

Reset and Balance
your Fertility

The Kidneys
Dealing with High FHS
Male Fertility Plan
Male relaxing meditation

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Week 3

Stress Management

Heart Energy
Month two 90 day egg
support plan
After Miscarriage
Heart Uterus Meditation

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Week 4

Diagnosis Yourself

Diagnosis yourself with Traditional Chinese Medicine
Emotional fertility
External fertility
PCOS and your fertility
Thyroid and your fertility

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Week 5

Fertility Mindfulness

Intro - Congratulations on getting this far
Exercise to boost your fertility
Visualisation techniques
Relaxation techniques

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Week 6

Unhealthy Craving

Tonify Spleen
Managing Self Sabotage
Managing Cravings
Acupressure points for cravings

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Week 7

Fertility Flow

Boost Your Lung Energy
Importance of knowing
your cycle
Fertility Massage
Castro Oil Pack

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Week 8

Secondary Fertility

Month 3 of egg support plan
The benefits of sleeping
Acupressure Points fro Sleeping
Secondary Fertility

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IVF Module

Preparing for IVF/IUI

Planning IVF
The two week wait
Dealing with failure
Fertility Drugs
Types of Treatment
Acupressure protocol for IVF
Meditation for IVF pre & post transfer

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