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lucy-and-amber“I designed this on-line course using my 15 years of experience in clinical fertility. Combining Chinese medicine, Nutrition, Visualisation, Mediation and Acupressure points, while also focusing on male fertility. To optimise your fertile health, dramatically increasing your odds of pregnancy.”

I offer a truly unique On-line Fertility Course, "Create a Bump", based in Ireland, but available worldwide. My team of experts have 25 combined years helping couples to conceive.

My 8-week video and webinar based course are incredible, also I offer a 4-week webinar IVF "create a bump" course, using techniques that work time and time again. Our fertility experts have spent years combining natural methods that they have found hugely successful in their own practices.

Unlike any other on-line programme, for the first time Eastern and Western medicine work together. Our guest Gynaecologist/Obstetrician and fertility midwife will be working in conjunction with us.

Want to know how I started my journey to become a fertility expert?

I am different from most women who deal with fertility, I didn't start specialising in fertility because I found it hard to get pregnant I started this journey because I meet so many couples struggling to start a family and I really wanted to help them.  I was blessed with getting pregnant quite easy and I can only share the journeys of women and couples that I have helped get pregnant and my journey of all the knowledge I have gathered helping couples conceive, I never stop learning. Learning new treatments methods to help couples.  I’m lucky I have 3 beautiful children Hannah aged 19, James aged 15 and Amber aged 4.  Who I had at 41.  I live in a beautiful part of Galway Ireland with my three children and my partner PJ.  Along with dogs, birds and horses.

I love horses and I think I was born on a horse.  I started riding at the age of two winning my first class at 3 years old. Started showjumping on my pony Fred aged 5 who took me to all the big shows winning at Hickstead holding the record in Jersey Horse of the Year show for many years, moved onto a bigger pony when I was 11 and he took me to the top level winning a lot of showjumping competition in the Uk and abroad. The highlight of my showjumping career was riding for my country in the showjumping Europeans finishing 6.  I changed from showjumping to racing horses, riding 50 winners on the track and point-to-points, having big wins at Punchestown, Gorwan park, Down Royal riding at the Cheltenham Festival, winning the leading lady riding.  My career came to an end when I broke my back in a fall racing in the northern of Ireland.  But I still have a huge passion for horses and my children are hugely successful riders and compete at a high level, even Amber has her first win aged 4, we love going off to competitions at the weekends, and have met some fantastic friends through horse riding.

I became interested in Chinese Medicine when my friend who had been studying it offered to relieve the aches and pains I was experiencing through my professional career in the saddle. It wasn't long before I became aware of the very powerful healing nature of Chinese Medicine.

One day my whole world fell apart, I broke my back in a fall racing in the northern of Ireland, landing me in A&E. And it's here where I meet a very open minded doctor, who while in the course of treating me discovered I was training in Chinese medicine as well, it was an amazing transformation in my life. He offered to treat me and continued to treat me throughout my stay in the hospital. I truly believe he aided my recovery quicker than any "conventional" medicine the hospital could offer.

While lying there in the Hospital wondering if I was going to walk again never mind hop back up on a horse, I decided if I ever recovered I would advance my training in Chinese Medicine, I haven’t look back since I began studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbs at the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Dublin, I qualified in 1998.

This is me - Lucy Townsley - Lic TCM member of the MTCMCI,  I am a leading Specialist in Fertility and Pregnancy. I have been running my own busy clinic for 16 years now gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience.

In 2006 I qualified in Tuina. Now you're wondering what this is, Tuina is the Official Medical Chinese Bodywork therapy that was developed in China over 3,000 years ago and known as needle-less acupuncture. It is an integral part of the healthcare system in hospitals throughout China today. It works with the energy system in the body known as the meridian system. True to my promise to myself, I traveled to Bejing to continuing my post-graduate training and experience the Chinese healthcare system in person. Learning about Chinese medicine, diet, nutrition, exercise and relaxation techniques tailored at increasing fertile energy within the body. This is where I discovered how combining Traditional Chinese Medicine and our western approach can work best together with fertility problems.

I have found more and more couples coming into her clinic were getting a positive pregnancy test and going on successfully to have healthy babies. By following a protocol I have developed, using acupressure, advice on foods to eat, meditation, exercise, sleep, stress, supplements to take, visualisation technic, fertility massage.

I joined the Zita West affiliated acupuncture network for a holistic approach to reproduction in 2009, 2010, 2011 and received training in the holistic approach to reproductive health and follow her treatments and protocols. Along with My Fertile Body's natural and IVF acupuncture protocols, I have spent the last 5 years working on and creating the "create a bump" online program.

Patients I have treated always comment on how positive, approachable, and caring I am, this is really important to me because I am often the first person to be told about the difficulties of trying to get pregnant and the first when there is a positive pregnancy test.

I follow a very strict code of practice and ethics and carries professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance.  Is also approved by VHI, Vivas, Layer Health Care and HSA for Out-Patients insurances purposes.


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