Another Christmas without a Baby

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Dec 15

Your survival guide to Christmas when you are trying for a baby

Christmas is nearly upon us, and another year has gone by.  But you have to go through another Christmas holiday without a baby.  You are expected to go visit your family and friends for Christmas day and it will be full of babies, pregnancies and may be difficult demanding relations.  And you have to have a smile on your face.

This is going to be tough.

Let’s just cancel Christmas!!!!

I can’t go through this again, I hear you say.

And you have been told its just a day and it will come and go, you’ll get over it.  But this one day can take some surviving.

Having a baby when you want is not always easy and can take some couples a few years before they have good news.  Announcements at Christmas can be the hardest, especially when the couple tell you they got pregnant on the “first go”.  It can make you look at their relationship and think that it's just perfect and leave you feeling empty and jealous.  It's OK to feel this way but don’t let those feeling swamp you.  Remember the grass in not always greener, their relationship might not be as perfect as you see from the outside.  Do some EFT tapping and forgive yourself and your body, because in time you will have great baby news to share with everyone.

Here is your survival guide -

  • You decide what you want to do and who you want to visit. This is ok and if you don not feel comfortable doing this, give yourself permission.
  • Getting ask the awkward question, maybe tell your family and friends you are trying and its taking longer than you, There is so much more advertisement and talk on TV and radio about couples who are finding it a bit tougher to get pregnant.  Don’t be ashamed their support could really help you.
  • Plan something nice for you both, go for a meal, walk on the beach, meet up with friends may be friends who don’t have kids yet.
  • Limit exposure to family and friends who ask awkward
  • Try something different, go horse racing, buy tickets for a match rugby or soccer
  • If you can, go away to the sun or skiing.
  • If you are staying with the in-laws over Christmas. Give your other half plenty of time alone with their folks – and get some time for yourself. Go for walks, read, do all the things we never give ourselves time to do.
  • Bring a good book or books with you to the in-laws
  • Through yourself into the in-laws Christmas and traditions. Remember you don’t have to sit through
  • Are your in-laws coming to you, can they be a little tricky remember this is your Christmas too. Make new traditions along with the old one, like jump in the sea or lake, have champagne for breakfast.
  • Wrap up warm if you live somewhere cold and get out of the house. We all tend to sit by the fire and eat too much rubbish watching TV.  If you are lucky and live in a hotter climate get out too, go for a walk in the woods on a beach by a lake, brilliant to burn some calories after the big Christmas dinner, but GREAT for boosting endorphin to make you feel good.
  • Chill out with long sensual Epsom Salts baths. Full of easily absorbed magnesium it helps fertility and helps calm frazzled nerves and 350 other chemical reactions in your body. Perfect.
  • This is the best part, you are off work for a few days plan to have some sex purely for pleasure and enjoyment.
  • Don’t get up early
  • Have breakfast in bed
  • Go for long lunch
  • Use and perfect your mindfulness skills and meditate.
  • Do not feel bad if you have a few drinks, you can jump right back on the bandwagon
  • What if you have to stay over with a family who has young children, arrives a bit late and if you want to leave early.
  • Or be the crazy aunt/uncle and enjoy the kid's excitement of father Christmas arriving and the presents they got.
  • Go outside and play with the kids, you will have great fun with them and your sister of sister-in-law will love the break.
  • Take everyone to the cinema, you never know next Christmas they could have new baby cousins.

Hope this helps you get over the Christmas holidays smoothly.

Written by Lucy Townsley Lic TCM

Leave a comment, let me know how you got over the Christmas period your comments could help someone else get through the holidays.





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