Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens when I join Create A Bump?

First and foremost by joining us on Create A Bump you are making a positive step forward to having a baby. Then you will be able to log in and watch the 8 Modules in the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you best.

  • How long does the course take?

The course is best done over an 8 week period. It includes our incredibly successful 3-month egg boosting programme. This means the full benefits of the course take 3 months in total. However, previous couples have felt the benefits from week one.

  • What will we learn on the Create A Bump Course?

Where do we start! Each week we cover how your fertility is affected from a Chinese Medicine point of view. We show you signs and symptoms that affect all your organs and the energy that passes to and through them. Then we show you how to help these imbalances, including step by step Acupressure points, meditation and relaxation exercises.We cover all aspects of trying for a baby and the difficulties couples face along the way. How to recognise self-sabotaging and other negative behaviours. Fertility foods and when to eat them. Our 3 month Egg and Sperm boosting programmes show you exactly what supplements and acupressure points will help you both. You can both learn so much about your bodies and why things may not have happened just yet. Re-energising your body will also make you sing with energy!

  • Can I do this course if my AMH is low?

Absolutely YES! This course will be perfect for you, we cover AMH and how we help increase Egg quality over time.

  • I'm thinking of starting IVF can I still do this course?

Yes, we have had many couples do this course leading up to and during an IVF cycle. It is the perfect way of helping to increase your success rate. It is best done 12 weeks prior to starting your meds.

  • Can we do this course whilst having Acupuncture?

Yes, this course is designed by acupuncturists and works brilliantly combined with both.

  • What are your success rates?

We started this Create A Bump course in October 2015, so our original group are just finishing the course. However, we have had one pregnancy so far with one more just confirmed. Our feed back has been 100% positive so far. In our Acupuncture Practices in both Clonmel and Galway our success rates for 2015 were averaging 65% for IVF cases under 40 years old, 50% for IVF 40-42 years old. Natural after 6 months for under 40 years old 75% live birth rate of 70%.

  • Do I get support during the Course?

Yes, you get support from both Lucy & Katie, email and Private Facebook group support. We care about you and your fertility journey. We have a fantastic Gynaecologist who will help answer questions if needed. Our goal is to get you pregnant, but more importantly, that you are at your healthiest mentally and physically, so you have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

  • How much does Create A Bump Cost?

This course is all yours for only . This a just a fraction of the cost of other fertility treatments. We have been told by many that we should be charging so much more for our 25 combined years of knowledge that we share on the course, but we want as many couples as possible to benefit from this incredible programme. Whilst we can not guarantee you will get pregnant, we can guarantee that this course, when followed correctly will greatly improve your chances of conceiving.

doctorIt has been a pleasure to work with Lucy to refer couples with fertility problems.
Her service helps couples regain the belief that they can conceive without the need for assisted conception techniques. She is caring and genuine in her wish and effort to help couples. The positive results speak for themselves. I heard nothing but praise from her clients.

Mr R Sallam
Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
South Tipperary General Hospital