3 videos to help you get Pregnant in the most simple and stress free way!!!

In these 3 FREE videos, you will learn – exactly what your fertile signs are! – Positive affirmation and meditations – change your self-worth “SO YOU CAN GET PREGNANT!” – Miracle maker acupressure points to help with implantation!

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What's in the three FREE videos

You get all the knowledge and expertise I have gained in my 17 years in working with helping couples that come into my clinic to get pregnant. I share what I have learnt in my training in the hospitals in China and the Zita Jones Clinic in England.

 I Combine Chinese medicine, Nutrition, Visualisation, Mediation and Acupressure points, while also focusing on male fertility. To optimise your fertile health, dramatically increasing your odds of getting pregnant and if you choose to go down the IVF route help turn you into a fertility Goddess and IVF ready.


Video 1: Your Fertility Plan

  • Learn whats in a fertility plan
  • Understand how your fertility works, work out your fertility day and signs of fertility
  • No1. Supplement Secret
  • Acupressure points to help free flow of your eggs

Downloads: Fertility cycle chart for 28 and 30 day cycle and a diagram for acupressure points

Video 2: Egg and Sperm Health

  • Egg and Sperm Health what vitamines you need
  • Types of test you can do and how to deal with the results
  • My little supplement secret
  • Acupressure points for free flow of blood

Downloads: Diagram for acupressure points, PDF of questions you can answer to prepare you for your ddoctor's visit.

Video 3: Changing your mindset

  • Nutrition from a Chinese medicine point of view
  • Creating the right Mindset
  • EFT Emotional Freedom Tapping

Downloads: EFT sample download, diagram for acupressure point

'As recommended by the Kilkenny Clinic to help with fertility I started attending Lucy for acupuncture. A couple of weeks in and I discovered I was pregnant. I keep attending weekly at 1st to help with early stages of pregnancy and then attended monthly until the final month I returned for weekly sessions. I believe it helped me fell well throughout my whole pregnancy, I didn’t suffer from morning sickness and towards the end relieved my swollen ankles. At first, I was a little apprehensive about the needles but with Lucy’s gentle and professional manner it didn’t hurt, I always had a sense of calmness and felt upbeat after each session. I would recommend Lucy as an acupuncturist for anyone needing help with varying areas of their health and well-being.'


'I went to Lucy to have acupuncture as I had been recommended by a friend that Lucy was excellent at helping people with fertility issues which were a concern for my husband and myself at the time. Lucy was so welcoming and understanding. I felt at ease with her straight away. My husband and I both attended Lucy before and during IVF treatments and both times we were blessed with a pregnancy and now have two lovely and healthy children. Lucy went out of her way on numerous occasions to meet with us after normal working hours because we were attending a hospital in Dublin. We would both highly recommend Lucy to anyone who is looking to use acupuncture as an additional aid for whatever concerns they may have.'