Go On Give Chinese Cupping a Go

By Lucy Townsley | heal your body through your diet

Aug 31

Should you try Chinese Cupping Medicine?

Here are the reasons why.

Did you watch the Olympics you might have noticed the round red marks left by cupping on Michael Phelps back and shoulder and other swimmers in the Olympics?  I don’t think they would use this type of Chinese Medicine if it didn’t work.  Also, Chris Brooks’s team gymnastic captain and gymnast Alex Naddourr also have cup makes on their bodies.  If you missed the Olympic check it out on youtube.

Not only superstar Olympians use cups but other famous people to like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston have been seen out and about with the red round makes left by cupping.

What is cupping?

A form of Chinese medicine that is thousands of years old. Cups can be made of glass, plastic or bamboo.  They are placed on sore areas of your muscles with sucking motion, either with a pump that sucks the air out of the cup or heat is applied to the inside of the cup this is to create a vacuum effect on your skin.  It is not painful.

Why would you use cupping?

For Pain

People use cupping for pain relief.  There have been evidence trails showing that cupping offers a positive effect for relieving pain that is caused by cancer compared to analgesics and anti-cancer drugs. study showing how cupping helps pain

Cupping relaxes the muscles by promoting blood supply to the area, that is why you see the red circles.  Cupping is like a deep tissue massage but it goes deeper than that.  It helps to relief painful, stiff, knotty muscles by promoting blood circulation.

The Common Cold/flues

Generally, with colds you get phlegm, cupping helps your lung remove the phlegm, eases coughing and allergic reactions.  Cupping also helps boost your immune system by moving your blood through your lymphatic system and body.

Helps you Relax

We all live in a busy world and its frowned upon to sit down and relax, we seem to have lost our ability to do this.  It's so important to take time out to help mental health, anxiety, stress and your energy.  Cupping works like a deep tissue massage and helps take all the tension out of your back neck and shoulders.  It leaves you with a complete sense of well-being by relaxing your central nervous system.

Fertility Cupping

Have your been tried to get pregnant? Cupping works like a fertility massage only better.  Cupping promotes circulation to improve blood flow to the ovaries to help grow good egg.  Keeps stagnation from your fallopian tubes.  If you are having trouble with your menstrual cycle it helps to regulate them.

Detox your system with cupping

Are You feeling a little bit bloated?  How is your Circulation?  Are you constantly tired?  Cupping works on your circulation, by improving your circulation ridding the toxin out of your body by increasing blood supply to different areas of your body.  You need to drink plenty of water as well.

Heal your injuries Faster

Do you reach for an ice pack to put on your injury to try and stop inflammation?  Inflammation is good, cause it floods the injured area with blood to help heal.  Cupping works in the same way by promoting blood to the injured areas to help create new blood vessels.  Cupping is great for knots and adhesions this is why you see more and more athletes using cupping, also athletes use cupping to help recover from a heavy training session.

Improve your digestive system

Having trouble with your bowel?  Cups are used to help relief the symptoms of IBS caused by poor diet, anxiety, stress, low energy and bad sleep all can cause congestion in your body disrupting the function of your bowel.  Cupping helps get things moving again relieving IBS, bloating, diarrhoea etc.

Capel Tunnel Syndrome

Cupping is shown to improve the symptoms of pain in carpal tunnel syndrome.  Check out the study that was done in Germany -  Study in Germany how cupping helps Capel Tunnel Syndrome

Cupping is used as an anti-aging treatment

Tiny cups are used for this, placed on the skin of your face to promote circulation bringing nutrients and collagen to the skin for a younger look.  Reduces fine lines and wrinkles bringing a younger glow to your face.  It helps drain the lymph glands riding puffiness around the eyes and oedema in your face.  No harmful side effects.



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Lucy Townsley Lic TCM Trained in the Zita West IVF and Natural Fertility Method Also Acupuncture, Cupping, Tunia Massage, Facial Rejuvenation, Reiki, Prepared Herbs, Acupressure