How to get Pregnant at 40

By Lucy Townsley | heal your body through your diet

Aug 31

Improve your chances of a pregnancy over 40

It's a fact more and more of us are trying for our first baby over 35.  Why you ask.  The excitement of life takes over, most of us don't leave the education system until we are 25, then we might want to travel for a year or two.  Come home and start our careers.  Life has changed so much for the modern women it's not all about marriage and babies in our younger years, it's all about education, work, travel, having fun.  Then we move onto the dating game finding the right partner that we want to start a family with.  This all takes time, and suddenly we are in our late 30's or could be even 40 before we start trying for a baby.

Sorry to say this but you are a little bit older and it can take a bit more time and effect on your part to achieve a healthy pregnancy.

These are some of the things you can put in place to start your journey to parenthood

Check your rubella shots are up to date

Have a full check up with your doctor checking your fertility is all good, having tests to check hormones, so you know what hormones need supplementing.

If you have been trying for more than six months contact your doctor do not leave it any longer because you don't have the time to waste.

Manage Stress

Take time out for yourself and give yourself permission to sit down and relax, use meditation and visualisation technic to relax, gentle exercise, yoga, walking, swimming, dancing and go on a date.

Support your Eggs

Eat food that will help strengthen your fertility, take regular exercise, reduce stress and eat super fertility foods, royal jelly, maca and super greens.

It is so important to look after your egg health, your eggs naturally go into decline from the age of 35 onwards remember each year that goes by our eggs age.  You need to have a 3-month plan to improve the quality of your eggs, this, in turn, will help to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy child.  Chinese medicine believes that pre-conception is as important as conceptions.  Making the parents as healthy as possible before the child is conceived.  (I cover and go into a lot more detail on my on-line "create a bump course")

Improve Uterine Health

More news for you as we age so do our muscles, this applies to the uterus.  So we need to do things to tone up your uterus.  A fertility massage you can do this yourself or get a professional to do it for you.  Castor Oil pack.  Over time this will help rebalance your hormones, detoxify any toxin from the uterus and surrounding tissues, strengthen the uterus and increases circulation to the ovaries and uterus creating healthy ovaries and eggs and a good uterus lining.

Also daily exercise, with pelvic floor strengthening.  Certain Chinese Herbal medicine can help.

 Look after your hormones and keep them balanced

It is vitally important that your hormones are in balance to achieve a successful pregnancy, your hormones change during your cycle in Chinese medicine the first half of your cycle is Yin and the second half is Yang.  Balance your hormones with fertility foods that help promote the right levels of oestrogen and progesterone.  As you age your hormones change in your body you start to produce less of them and your body is working extra hard to produce the right amount each month you need to help with this.  You can supplement them with different herbs such as -

  1. Agnus Castus
  2. Maca
  3. Wild Asparagus is known as Shatavari

Improve your mucous production

The Mucous is so important it helps the sperm swim through the uterus to meet the egg.  As we age it goes into decline, so we need to support the mucous, by drinking more water, taking omega essential fatty acid supplements, acupressure points daily.  There are also Chinese herbs that help cervical mucous production

Know when you ovulate so you know to target sexual intercourse

With a 28 day cycle, you count back 14 days and this is the day that you ovulate.  You need to start having regular intercourse from day 5/6 when you period has stopped up to and past day 14 to maximise your chance of pregnancy.

Follow a good Fertility diet plan

If you do this you will not believe how much you can improve sperm and egg quality, just by making different choices in what you eat, this is huge, I see people in my clinic the whole time who have done this and they cannot believe the difference this has made. As well as supporting your diet with super fertility foods such as royal jelly, maca, spirulina, coQ10, folic acid and food full of antioxidants.


Sleep repairs all the damage you have done during the day.  It gives you energy for the next day. If you find it hard to sleep burn lavender oil in your room, make sure your room is a safe comfortable place to sleep in, get rid of all devices in your room such as phones and TVs.


Regular exercise is great it makes you feel good, rid stress and lifts your moods.  Sweating helps to remove the toxin from your body especially xenohormones this affect your endocrine system which can effect ovulation.  Good types of exercise walking, yoga, cycling, swimming, pilates and dancing.

Do you want to know something else – we are a bit older so we have had more time to fill our bodies with the environmental toxin, stress, poor diets, poor sleep, overwork and bad lifestyle choices.  All of these have an effect on us, they age us, not only on the outside but on the inside of us to, ageing our eggs or sperm in the case of the man.




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