Day 3 - Stress Release

Your mantra!

"I Love and Honour Myself"


Shanzhong Acupressure Point

Actions of point Shanzhong - helps relief stress and opens up the chest so you can breathe better lets out stuck emotions, really good to let out a big sigh  or let yourself have a good cry all of these are healthy emotions

This point is located on your midline on the Ren Mai channel, the point is between your breast level with your nipples if you press 3 places slightly above in the centre and below the most tender spot is the acupressure point Shanzhong, press and hold for 60 seconds every day.



Foods you should be eating


SBrilliant foods to eat are FISH particularly  salmon, sea bass, tuna, crab, why you ask, fish are full of omega-3 fatty acid DHA and EPA these can be difficult to find in other foods, fish is high in protein and vitamin D all crucial for a developing baby and healthy pregnancy


Don't forget to download and print out

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