Day 1 - Energise your Body

Your mantra!

"I am in charge of my digestion!"


Zusanli Acupressure Point

The action of point Zusanli, Aids digestion this is very important for creating good energy, helps build blood energy this increase blood supply around the ovaries which is good for the quality of your eggs.

Zusanli is on the stomach channel, location of point Zusanli, find the bottom of your knee use 4 fingers sideways down from the bottom of your knee and 2 fingers out from the shin bone that is the acupressure point, you need to acupressure this point in the morning and evening for 60 seconds.



Foods you should be eating


Start introducing the super food Avocado into your diet great for egg quality, avocado has a good fat called monounsaturated oil this is very easy to digest full of copper which aids formation of red blood cells. this is the Kidney Yin element you need to produce great eggs.

There are so many ways you can eat avocados, Smoothies, soup, salad, sandwich. Or this is what I like to do mix 3 to 4 avocados with a clove of garlic, half a squeezed lime, and teaspoon of mayonnaise mix all the ingredients together to make guacamole, delicious.


Find a permanent spot to place your Affirmation card as a daily reminder

 Download and print out.


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Your Daily fertility meditation

I hope you'll give it a listen and consider making meditation a part of your daily self-care routine.

Find a place to lie down, close your eyes and just relax and listen.... (please don't listen to this meditation while driving a car or using heavy machinery)