Day 2 - Balancing Your Hormones

Your mantra!

"I can Produce Healthy Eggs!"


Taixi Acupressure Point

Actions of the point – to build your kidney energy helps the yin and yang energy of your kidney, improves egg quality, while tonifying the uterine tissues, regulates your hormones and cycle.

Taixi is on the Kidney Channel.

Location of point Taixi inside of your leg find your ankle bone, between the top of your ankle bone and your tendon, is the acupressure point.

When and where - Hold this point everyday morning, lunch, evening and just before sleeping, for 60 seconds.



Foods you should be eating

Royal jelly

Royal jelly is produced by young nurse bees and contains significant amounts of proteins that are important for cell growth and reproduction. Just like honey, it originates from beehives.

Enjoy it as a delicious natural sweetener for your morning toast or coffee


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