Day 5 - Stress Release

Your mantra!

"I am cleansed of all toxins"


Hegu & Taichong Acupressure Point

Actions of the points, gets rid of any toxin out of the body, regulates hormones, these two acupressure points are always used to help fertility, regulates your cycle, helps tonify Liver and Kidney.

Hegu located on the Large Intestine Channel
Taichong located on the Liver channel

Location of points Hegu between the thumb and index finger close the finger and thumb together and the highest point of the muscle between the thumb and finger is the acupressure point Hegu.

Taichong is located on the top of the foot, put your finger on the web between the big toe and the first toe run your finger back towards the ankle and where the two bones join are the acupressure point Taichong.

When and where - I especially want you to acupressure these points one week before your period is due and up to ovulation twice a day for 60 seconds on each point.



Foods you should be eating

Apple Cider Vinger

A great way to cleanse the system is, In a glass of water at room temperature add one teaspoon of cider vinegar and my teaspoon of honey with a squeeze of lemon optional, this will help detox your system and rid any stagnation to your liver.

as well as this I want you to go for a walk, sleep 7 or 8 hours every night and eat in a very calm atmosphere.


Don't forget to download and print out

Download the Affirmation for this acupressure point

hegu-day-5-small taichung-series-2-small

Download the recipe for this acupressure point



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