Day 6 - Unblocking Life Energy!

Your mantra!

"I am a healthy Fertile Women"


Lieque and Zhaohai Acupressure Point

Actions of the points: open up your meridians, allows the egg to flow, nourish the Kidneys, nourishes the uterus.

Lieque is on the Lung Channel
Zhaohai is on the Kidney ChannelLieque

Location of the points : put your thumb and finger between your thumb and finger use your index finger towards your wrist find the top of the bone and there is a slight indentation in the bone that is the acupressure point.
Zhaohai, on the inside of your ankle, find the top of your inside ankle bone run your finger down towards the sole of your foot until you feel and the soft bit that is the acupressure point.

When and where - Hold this point for 60 seconds twice in the morning when your period has stop and before ovulation



Foods you should be eating

Beans and Lentils

Eat all types of beans and pulses, especially kidney beans think of the shape of the kidney bean it’s the same shape as the kidney we need to keep our kidneys strong for reproduction


Don't forget to download and print out

Download the Affirmation for this acupressure point
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