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Aug 12

After 5 years creating and desiging this programme from 15 years experience of treating couples stuggling to get pregnant. Getting amazing results in the fertility field, My Fertile Body is born! What is this amazing programme? I am an Acupuncturists, based in Ireland my name is Lucy Townsley.  I became aware of the my incredible success rates helping couples to conceive especially when I started to listen to the body, mind and spirit of each patient.

When a couple decides on some level that they want to have a baby, the early stages of “trying” are fun, almost naughty, and incredibly exciting. But after a few months and no sign of a positive pregnancy test, fear starts to creep in. Fear along with its friends worry, and doubt. Then things aren’t so much fun, sex becomes a chore, an almost desperate experience for some. Men find they are put under enormous pressure to perform, here, now, the ovulation kit says so, we must do it now.

I see this pattern 80% of the time, the relationship can become strained and from the moment that the woman wants a baby so badly, that she will do anything to get it, well that’s not a healthy place to be. Our bodies release stress hormones, our sleep patterns become erratic and our fertile bodies start to let us down.

My fertile body 8-week programme is unique; it takes into consideration every point of pain a couple can go through to conceive. We address all aspects of getting the body, mind and spirit ready to conceive and carry a beautiful, healthy baby into this world.

Think of your garden for a moment, to plant a vibrant flower, how would you prepare the soil? You would use the richest, most fertile soil, full of nutrients, watered and warm, ready for that flower to grow in this wonderful, nurtured environment. Our bodies are just the same.

My 8 week programme works with weekly information and vidoes,  where I guide you through a pretty mind blowing system, to relax your mind, through meditation, and self- discovery, to give your body the best chance of conception, so by the end of the 8 weeks, your body, if not pregnant, will be changed for the better, your mind will be focused on all the positive aspects of having a baby, and your relationship will be supported. The self-acupressure classes will give you the ability to really see changes in your menstrual cycle; we will give you so much clear guidance to get pregnant, and most importantly your body will be singing with energy, so your pregnancy will be utterly amazing!

My Fertile Body Create A Bump 8-week programme includes;

1.Weekly videos; Detoxify your body, addictions, supplements, knowing your menstrual cycle, foods to optimise fertility, acupressure points, abdominal massage techniques, changing your mindset, dealing with stress, male fertility boosts, miscarriage, ART (assisted reproduction) support

2. Visulisation and meditation technics

3. Monthly questions and answers


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Lucy Townsley Lic TCM Trained in the Zita West IVF and Natural Fertility Method Also Acupuncture, Cupping, Tunia Massage, Facial Rejuvenation, Reiki, Prepared Herbs, Acupressure