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Feb 25

I had driven passed Clonmel acupuncture centre many a time and had noticed their sign for fertility treatments and IVF preparation courses and I never for one moment thought that I would become one their clients. My mother had acupuncture in the 90’s for her bad back and my now husband tried a course of cupping for sporting injuries many years ago. That was my only experience of acupuncture until now. I moved to Clonmel almost ten years ago and was very lucky to meet the man of my dreams after one year. We have been blessed in so many ways in life with good jobs, a lovely home and great friends and family, however, the one thing we were not lucky in, so far, was having our own little family. We have been trying unsuccessfully for almost three years now and after a lot of thought and tears we are now about to go for our first round of IVF.

We visited Katie on a recommendation from a friend who were in a similar situation to ourselves. Things were not happening in the family department as quickly as they would have hoped. They had been trying for approximately three years and within six months of visiting Clonmel acupuncture centre, they thankfully conceived naturally. So we made the appointment.
We met Katie on the 30th of Dec 2015 and she was just fabulous. We were immediately put at ease and found ourselves opening up about concerns and apprehensions that had built up between us over the past few turbulent years. It was such a positive experience to be able to go and speak to someone who took a full view of our lives and lifestyles before handing us a prescription. To this point, we had visited a lot of doctors and consultants who appeared to base our course of treatment on an analysis sheet of blood and other such tests without giving us advice on how we, as a couple, could improve our situation. Katie helped us identify potential factors in our lifestyle which may have contributed to our infertility.
So on the 31st of December, we began to change our lives!!! The first step that we did was to change our eating habits and give our diet a complete overhaul. We began with a full weeks detox and then continued with the eating habits we developed during this week. We stopped drinking alcohol completely cut out all caffeine, reduced our sugar intake increased our fruit and vegetable intake and began doing things together as a couple. Simple things like going for walks, shopping together, performing acupressure points on each other and taking day trips together over the weekend.

Module One: 

All about your cycle. When is your most fertile time. What is day 1
The Liver Meridian
• Relaxation Techniques,
• Positive Visualisation Exercise.
• 90 days support for the health of your eggs
We actually watched module one, twice! Almost as good as an episode of Game of thrones. This module is really about getting in touch and tuning into your own body. We were both on a strict detox plan at this stage but a lot of the slides were really helpful for us to reflect on what we were eating and give us reassurance that we were on the right track. The acupressure points were difficult to find, or if we had found the correct ones we did not know if we were applying adequate pressure.

Module two:
Kidney Qi
Foods for your Cycle

We did module two on a Sunday morning before we were to head off to cork for the day. Katie did warn me that the acupressure points would “release things” and my god was she right. Firstly I was exhausted after completing the acupressure points. And then I felt really teary and a little overwhelmed at the simple thought of getting ready to go out for lunch. I did eventually get it
together and got myself organised, yet had a pounding headache that lasted for around two hours. In hindsight, I would do the acupressure points the next time closer to bedtime as you are so relaxed after you just want to curl up and sleep. I would also advise drinking plenty of water before, during and immediately afterwards. I did drink water, but not enough and I had reached that dehydration stage where I was so thirsty I didn’t want to even look at the glass of water. For the next two days I practiced the acupressure points shown in module two an hour before I went to bed. I also followed Lucy’s meditation. I do feel I need to practice the pressure points more than twice a week. And I think next time I visit Katie, I will be armed with a sharpie so that she can mark exactly which point I should be hitting!!!!


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