Prawns and Garlic to improve men’s health

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May 12

Prawns and garlic have huge benefits to male fertility.  Prawns are full of zinc and vitamin E which help the motility (sperm swimming in the right direction) morphology (shape of sperm) and volume (amount) of sperm. Also helps build your immunity.  From Chinese medicine point of view prawns help to tonify your kidney.  Kidneys are responsible for reproduction and production of sperm, increase your libido.  Helps warm the pathways, especially hands and feet.
Garlic especially when chopped up and cooked are full of antioxidants which helps fights free radicals.  Free radical attack healthy sperm cells.
I have found this really delicious recipe for you to follow –
400 grams prawns
250 grams rice wine
4 cloves garlic
Vegetable oil
3 Spring onion
25g Grated Ginger or to your taste
How to cook -
1) Rinse and shell prawns.
2) Soak prawns in the rice wine for 10 minutes.
3) Set aside.
4) Heat the oil and stir fry spring onion and garlic till soft
5) Add prawns and ginger. Stir fry prawns till cooked this should only take a few minutes
6) Add salt to taste.
7) Serve with rice.  Delicious

Be aware of prawns if you have allergies to shellfish


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