Week 1 – Preparing for Success

All the information you need to get you pregnancy ready or prepare you for IVF or IUI in just 3 months.

This unique course; takes into consideration every point of pain a couple can go through to conceive. We address all aspects of getting the body, mind, and spirit ready to conceive and carry a beautiful, healthy baby into this world.

Our 8 On-line Modules will help you both become more fertile in just 3 months and dramatically Increasing Your Odds!

A note on how to manage your course:

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  • As you flow through each section tick the white square on the left-hand side to remind you of how far you have come through the course.
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To your fertile body

The Completion Level of Your Training.


Week 1 - Preparing for Success

Intro - It's your time now to get pregnant!


Week One Homework for my fertile body

Its like being back in school with homework but trust me this will help you.


Listen to the intro I have a relaxation technic there for you plus you get to hear a bit about me, yeah!!!

Print out the mantra or save it on your computer home screen so you can say it every day. Pin it on your fridge or in your bedroom. Make sure you say it every time you see it. I know you are thinking how will this help but it just does.

Tap down your liver channel when you get out of bed each morning and practice your liver acupressure points every day.

We are kick starting your fertility system into action.

  • Start to make the changes in your diet.
  • Start your 90-day egg plan.
  • Work on your distress plan.
  • Tap Tap Tap, do your ERT AMAZING!! it will really help you.

Make sure you are having plenty of sex every second and third day, from the end of your period even if you are not sure when you ovulate yet, remember this is the fun stuff, this is your best chanced of getting pregnant. If you know when you are ovulating, best not tell himself (don’t put him under pressure) he will just think it's his lucky day and it is, and won’t he be surprised when you tell him you are pregnant! He will be like “How did that happen”

Listen to knowing when you are fertile day is, you don’t have to watch the slides listen to me on the way to work.

Post anything up on the FB group we all hear to help.

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Ho’oponopono Mantra - Recognise what sabotages your emotions

Heal yourself Through Ho’oponopono

Please download and practice this mantra and emotional release technique trust me it really works.

Download Ho'oponopono Mantra here>>


Step 1: Repentance – I’M SORRY

Give yourself permission to stop blaming yourself for things that have happened.
It's important to stop blaming yourself.

Step 2: Ask Forgiveness – I FORGIVE YOU

Forgive yourself for any negative thought patterns, forgive yourself and your body for not achieving pregnancy yet. It allows you to move on from the past to the present.

Step 3: Love – I LOVE YOU

Say I LOVE YOU. Say it to your body, to the air you breathe and the challenges you have. Mean it. Feel it. There is nothing as powerful as Love.

Step 4: Gratitude – THANK YOU

Say “THANK YOU” – again it doesn’t really matter who or what you’re thanking. Thank your body for all it does for you.

Emotional Freedom technique

Download Emotional Freedom technique (EFT here)

As you let go of the emotional pain, a shift often occurs in your thoughts about the incident. The energy flow is unblocked and so is the pain that accompanied it. Send your negative, painful thoughts packing and allow positive thoughts to enter.

Side of hand: I completely and deeply love, honor and accept myself
Top of head: Even though my body has let me down again
Side of head: Even though I can feel the signs of my period coming
Under eye: Even though my period has arrived
Under nose: Even though I am devastated
Your Chin: Even though I can't stop crying

Side of Hand: I deeply and completely love, honor and accept myself
Top of head: I believe in my body
Above eyebrow: I believe in my cycle
Side of head: I am lucky I have a really healthy period
Under eye: I am lucky to shed my tears
Under nose: I feel happy that my period has come
Your Chin: Because the next one I could be pregnant
Side of Hand: I completely and totally love, honor and accept myself

Liver Energy

Why these acupoints 

Liver and Kidney are responsible for reproduction. When the liver gets too strong it steals from the Kidney. Therefore it doesn't allow the kidneys or the heart to nourish.
So by calming the liver and by tonifying (increase the available energy of) the heart and the kidney we're supporting these two vital organs for reproduction.

5 Acupressure Points

  1. Taichong
  2. Hegu
  3. Taixi
  4. Shen Men
  5. Zu-Sen-Li

Download all 5 acupressures ponts here


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Know your fertility day


Four Phases of your cycle and acupressure points
Menstrual Phase (day 1 to 5) : Taichong, Hegu & Xuehai
Follicular Phase (day 1 - 13):  Yintang, Guanyuan, Nei Guan, Xuehai, ZUZangLi
Ovulation Phase (day 14): Tai Xi, San Yin Jiao
Luteal Phase (day 15-28): Xuehai, ZuZangli, San Yin Jiao

Download Menstrual Phase 1 acupressure points here

Download Follicular Phase 2 acupressure points here

Download Ovulation Phase 3 acupressure points here

Download Luteal Phase 4 acupressure points here

90 Day Egg Support Plan


Egg support plan month one

Eating the right foods to boost your fertility from Diet

Super Greens have all your green veggies ground down like Broccoli, kale, all the green leafy veggies that protect us from free radicals. These are unwanted molecules that damage our cells and cells structure. We produce these free radicles from stress, smoking, alcohol, eating the wrong foods, cleaning products, etc all theses things create free radicals.They can be very damaging to our cells, they attack our cells at least 10,000 times every day. So when we are talking about fertility they are attacking our vital ovary cells, the follicle, the eggs that are made in the follicle. If we protect ourselves with suppergreens from these free radicals then we are protecting our ovaries and stopping them aging too fast. This also applies to the sperm.

Royal Jelly improves the quality and quantity of the eggs.

Multi Vitamin

Co-Enzymes Q-10 There has been considerable positive research into the effects of CoQ10 on overall sperm health and egg quality.

Maca comes from Peru called the Peruvian Ginseng, it helps boost your energy and with rest and sleep. Maca root is an adaptogenic herb that has been shown in studies to improve fertility in both men and women. Containing 31 different minerals and 60 different phytonutrients, Maca is a nourishing food for the endocrine system, aiding the pituitary, adrenal, and thyroid glands (all involved in hormonal balance.)

Vitamin D sunscreen and sunglasses can prevent you from absorbing vitamin D in the body. A lot of us are deficient in vitamin D and there is a strong link between vitamin D and Fertility. Its worth getting it checked with your doctor. You can get vitamin D from the foods that you eat.

Folic Acid very important to protect the fetus.

Download the Fertilty-Recipes here

De-stress plan

Stress releases a hormone called cortisol and this Stress Hormone is your fertility enemy No. 1. It can stop you ovulating and we don't want that to happen.

  • Download Ho'oponopono Mantra here>>   (if you haven't already) and say the mantra every time you feel a bit of stress coming on. It does help calm you. Sometimes it can make you feel a bit sad and tearful and sometimes you can just say it and that's fine.
  • Exercise is really important, so get walking! invites a friend, chatting with friends can also relieve stress.
  • Do something nice for you, read a book, burn incense oil (lavender, Dandelion oil), just go have coffee with a friend.
  • Learn to take things easy, just sit still and do nothing
  • Make sure you are getting enough sleep
  • Do the EFT Tapping (emotional freedom technique)

Download Emotional Freedom technique (EFT here)
(if you haven't already)

Side of Hand: I love Honor and accept myself,
Top of Head: Even though I don't give myself enough time
Under your eye: Even though I am stressed all the time
Under your Nose: Even though I want a family
Under you Chin: Even though I hate my job

Side of Hand: I love honor and accept myself
Top of Head: I can change my job
Side of Head: I am going to start my family
Under your Nose: I will earn more money
Under your chin: Life is going to be good.