Some Lucky Charms for The Chinese Year Of The Monkey

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Feb 25

We have just celebrated the Chinese New Year; February 8th was the first day of the New Year. This year is all about the Fire Monkey. Fire Monkey is all about being seen, taking chances, acting boldly and getting answers to your prayers... Exciting!!

I know your dreams are often about getting pregnant, having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. You are in the right place!

Some lucky charms for you!! For your new beginnings!!

In ancient Ireland, the Celts believed that the Hazel tree was a very fertile being. Hazelnuts were carried in pockets or strung together and hung in the home to symbolize fertility. Interestingly, studies have shown that the oils in hazelnuts help regulate blood sugar and insulin, which can improve fertility.

Mistletoe evolved the ability to grow on branches of trees, which allows it to spread quickly. Celtic Druids believed mistletoe had the power to bestow life and fertility. They also used mistletoe as an aphrodisiac (which is why we now kiss under mistletoe at Christmas).

In Feng Shui, the pomegranate is a symbol of fertility because of its many red seeds. Place a painting of a pomegranate with lots of seeds or an artificial pomegranate in your bedroom.

Lotus Flower
The lotus flower is the highest symbol of fertility in the Hindu culture. It represents purity because lotus flowers grow in muddy waters but remain untouched by the impurities.

The Celts used the moon as a fertility symbol because the moon’s phases are much like a woman’s menstrual cycle. They both repeat themselves in a cycle of constant rebirth. The moon represents the assurance that fertility is always around you.


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