Thank you so much Lucy I have found things about my body I didn't know about and how it works to help a pregnancy.

Thank you for a fabulous course - Worth every penny. Two inspiration ladies, who are doing such worthy work & teaching. To all those on the journey of infertility, I found that Lucy have been a great support network to me - So glad I found them X

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you Lucy, I subscribed, and listened to the short meditation, in fact we both did, and we kept listening to it, anyway my husband found it really helped his sleep, and well I've just got a positive pregnancy test, early days but thank you, and we really enjoyed the soup." - Orla dundrum, Ireland

doctorIt has been a pleasure to work with Lucy to refer couples with fertility problems.
Her service helps couples regain the belief that they can conceive without the need for assisted conception techniques.  She is caring and genuine in her wish and effort to help couples. The positive results speak for themselves
I heard nothing but praise from her clients.
Mr R Sallam
Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
South Tipperary General Hospital