The importance of Kidney health when trying to get pregnant over 40

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May 30
over 40
As we get older into our late 30 early 40 and we are trying for a baby it becomes a little difficult.    For no other reason than our eggs are ageing we still have eggs, but not as many good one as we did in our 20’s.  But we didn't want to get pregnant in our 20’s, we do now!  According to Chinese medicine Kidney are responsible for reproduction so we need to help our kidneys.    A good way is eating the right food to tonify kidney energy.

How do you know that your kidneys need looking after?

  1. Problems with reproduction
  2. Any bone problems especially knees and lower back
  3. Urinary problems
  4. Poor growth of the body and mind
  5. Hair loss or premature greying hair
  6. Hearing loss or infections
  7. Long term use of alcohol and or drugs
  8. You can be fearful
  9. Poor energy

In order to help repair out kidney reproductive health we need to be aware of four things -

  • Mental/emotional awareness - Rid ourselves of old habits, calming the mind to help anxiety, fear, panic, worry and depression.  What you can do to help meditate, exercise and eat healthy, do your acupressure points.    This helps keep our Qi which is your energy moving around so nothing stagnates.  This is very important especially around the reproductive organs
  • Resting – meditation, sleep, taking time out for you.  There is  a lot of research to prove this works.
  • Exercise – Start exercising or to cut down if you do too much.  Too much exercise can be damaging to your kidneys
  • Diet – A good healthy well balanced diet not only helps us feel good mentally and emotionally but will have a dramatic affect on you egg and sperm health.  This leads to a healthy pregnancy.  There are some more rules when you are eating
  • Avoid over eating
  • Eat in a calm environment
  • Do not eat late at night
  • Avoid foods that can weaken your system such as refined sugars, caffeine,  alcohol, and processed foods

A good guide for kidney foods mostly are black or dark in colour blueberries, black sesame seeds (these are great to help constipation), kidney beans, black berries, all types of beans just to name a few.  I go into lots more foods and recipes to help kidneys and Liver and acupressure points to tonify kidney in my on-line course “create a Bump” this course gets you ready for a pregnancy

Don’t forget that Royal Jelly is excellent at helping your kidney health
More Super foods for your Kidneys Chlorella and Spirulina

Try My -

Chicken Boosting Fertility Soup

Boosting Immunity, Healthy Sleep, Strengthens the Kidneys, Builds Blood; Strengthen Bones and Joints, Fertility, Supports Digestion, Helps Energy


Left over chicken carcass Vegetables leftovers or new vegetables – Onion, Celery leaves, Carrot and Carrot peels, Garlic, ginger, broccoli, leeks, butter nut squash or you can any vegetables you like.2 Bay Leafs Tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar


Clean the chicken carcass off all the usable meat put the chicken carcass vegetables bay leafs in to a heavy bottomed stock pot fill with filtered water and covers the contents adding the cider vinegar.Simmer for at least 4 hours you can let the dish simmer for up to 12 hours you might need to add more water.  When cooked strain the broth, bottle and store.  You can drink a bowel straight away
Start boosting your fertility today!! Best of luck.


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