WOW!! Acupuncture doubles your chances with IVF

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Nov 18

Ok, you have been trying for a baby for the last couple of years and nothing happened yet.  You have been to the doctor who refers you to a fertility clinic and IVF is your next plan to  have a baby.

But should you try acupuncture/acupressure as well? Will it help you?

Well, I’m here is tell you the good news, YES Chinese medicine does help you through IVF in many different ways and YES it does double your chances of success.  You have nothing to lose by doing acupuncture/acupressure only everything to GAIN!

Why does acupuncture help you through IVF? This is your next question, right.
Well here's 12 reasons where acupuncture helps with -

  1. Stress
  2. Helps with the side effects of medication
  3. Regulates your hormones
  4. Helps PCOS
  5. Helps endometriosis
  6. Improves sperm quality
  7. Improves egg quality
  8. Regulates your cycle
  9. Help’s prepare you for IVF, IUI, or egg donation
  10. Increases blood flow to the uterus, improving the lining
  11. Help’s to improve libido
  12. Help’s prevent miscarriage

You might be thinking right now no more needles this is the last thing you want to do, especially when you have been injecting yourself with the necessary drugs for IVF every day.  But acupuncture needles are very different to injections, they don’t hurt and you can use acupressure points as well.  Think of the positive effect an acupuncture treatment has on your fertility, we are doubling your chances of having a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Check out these studies!!

A study done at Homerton University Hospital in London showed that acupuncture doubles your chances of success with IVF.

A study in Germany in 2002, on the effect of acupuncture on assisted reproduction therapy (ART) IVF and IUI success rates. The study showed half of the women received standard IVF and the other half were given acupuncture treatments before and after embryo transfer. In the acupuncture group 42.5% of patients became pregnant, while in the IVF-only group, only 26.3% of patients conceived.

Other studies show - Smith et al (2009) states that male partners are found to have increased marital and social stress, decreased overall mental health, increased physical stress and feelings of sexual failure.  Acupuncture helps with all of these symptoms.

(Robinson & Stewart 1995) that women going through fertility treatment are far more likely to be anxious and depressed.

Quote from a study “The authors reported that IVF with acupuncture increased the odds of pregnancy by 65% (according to early evidence on ultrasound), increased the odds of ongoing pregnancy by 87% (according to ultrasound evidence of pregnancy at 12 weeks) and increased the odds of a live birth by 91% compared with IVF on its own.”

More studies show that acupuncture helps reduce the rate of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy

Doctors and scientists seem to agree that acupuncture has a calming effect on patients. They do not regard acupuncture as a hocus pocus medicine.  Acupuncture helps reduce the stresses of fertility treatments.   Improved relaxation and energy which is vital to overall wellness – particularly when you realise how the stress hormones cortisol has a huge effect on fertility stopping you ovulate.  Acupuncture is proven to double your chances of success by working on your whole system by balancing hormones, energies and supporting you through IVF.

Another benefit of acupuncture/acupressure is you increase your chances of a live birth, in fact, it doubles your chances with IVF pregnancies, (it's fantastic when you get pregnant but it's devasting when you lose your baby).

I know that I have said a lot that you double your chances with acupuncture and acupressure points, but you really do, it's so worth it especially when you hold your tiny baby for the first time.  Give me a call 0872273084 or join me on my “create a bump” on-line course.

To really benefit from acupuncture/acupressure points. Why not sign up to my free fertility mini pack and start your acupressure points today, you have nothing to lose.

Link to studies

Can’t wait to work with you!!

Written by Lucy Townsley


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